Air Con Installation

What Is Air Con?

It is a device used to control the temperature, humidity and air quality. An air con is installed to cool an interior enclosed space. This device is used mainly for cooling but some models have both heating and cooling functions. To cool an area, the device first draws the warm air from there and sends it for cooling in the air con's cooling unit. This cooled, cleaned, dehumidified and treated air is then supplied back to the interior areas. There are different types of air cons. An air con is also referred as AC, A/C or air conditioner. Large central AC units are used for commercial space cooling applications. Smaller central AC is installed to cool multiple rooms of a house. A packaged AC system is used to cool a single small room. The AC installers must use fall protection systems when prioritising working at height safety.

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How Is Air Con Installed?

It depends on the type of air con being installed. A central air conditioning system designed to cool a large building like the entire hotel, movie theatre or factory has a large footprint. It has an outdoor unit that is generally installed on the roof of the building. A ductwork system is installed to supply the cooled air to the rooms and return the warm air to the cooling device for cooling. The central heating and air conditioning system requires laying the ductwork throughout the house. The condenser cooling unit that supplies the cool air to the rooms is installed outside the house. The air cooled in the cooling device is supplied to each room through the ductwork vents. There are two types of AC vents in the rooms. One is the supply vent and another is the return vent. The supply vent is used to supply the cool, clean and treated air. The return vent is used to take out the warm air from the room. The ductwork, the cooling device, the air handler, and the vents in the rooms require installation at their recommended places.

There are self contained air cons. These devices are preferred when cooling of only one room is needed. This group of ACs is available in wall mounted, window mounted and portable varieties. In case of a packaged air con, all components of the device are inside a single box. A window AC is generally fitted in a window or wall slot. A split air conditioner has an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. The indoor unit is installed inside the room while the outdoor unit is installed outside the house. The type of installation service needed for an air con depends on its design as well as the number and types of its components.

What Safety Measures Are Needed When Installing an Air Con?

There are many types of risks involved in the AC installation process. An air con works on high voltage electricity. There are compressed air at high pressure and chemical refrigerants. AC installers and technicians must wear protective gears, know how to install each component of the system properly, and use proper tools and equipment when working with an AC system.

Who Should Install an Air Con?

Installation, repair and maintenance of an air con must be done only by a certified and licensed AC technician.